One-Way Ticket

The uncertain click of the button, full of excitement and nervousness making my adventure feel more tangible than ever before. Today I purchased my one-way ticket to the San Diego International Airport, spending a night in San Diego (any ideas for a good hostel or friend, let me know!), then boarding the MV Explorer on January 10th. Simply the idea of a one-way ticket thrills me to the bone, it’s the promise of adventure, uncertainty and life-changing sites! A small part of me feels like that Anna Kendrick song “Cups” when she was so thrilled with that ticket that the entire restaurant broke out into song….definitely need to coordinate something as grand 🙂



4 thoughts on “One-Way Ticket

  1. Hey, Dawn, this site is cool. I look forward to keeping track of your progress. Yes, there is a fabulous couple in San Diego, with whom my daughter, Julia, stayed when she visited her boyfriend at the time, many years ago. They are Bob & Jeannie Lindfelt. They got into the Word before I did. Bob taught a Day in God’s Word here, a few years ago (about speaking in tongues), plus the Sunday morning fellowship. They are a very loving family, with their children and grandchildren not too far away. They run a Scriptural group called San Diego Biblical Studies Fellowship. They would be thrilled to host you.

  2. I see that the time stamp on this site is according to Greenwich Mean Time, also referred to as Zulu time. It’s 5 hours later than my message was sent to you at 1:40 PM EST. Just so you have a better idea when people actually write to you. God bless you.

  3. Hi Dawn,
    I spoke with Bob Lindfelt this evening after our fellowship, and he would love to have you stay the night you’re in San Diego. He will be glad to pick you up at San Diego Airport, furnish you accommodations, and deliver you to the embarkation point for your ship. You’ll be very blessed by him and his wife, Jeanie (please notice this correct spelling of her name with one N).

    You may call their home tomorrow (Thursday) at 619-222-6068 or thereafter. Please remember that they are three hours earlier than we. So, call from Noon our time to 7 PM our time. If you get a machine, leave your number, but, if you don’t hear back w/i 3 or 4 hours, call back. They didn’t get a message on that machine from me, today. They’re checking it out.

    I guess you’ll arrive in San Diego on Thursday, January 9th. Fly early, if you can. That will allow you a little rest before Friday.

    God’s blessings and love,

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