Sharing the News

I think this is what it’s like to annouce an engagement or a baby…everyone freaks out but in the best, most excited way possible!! I love it! I love how my Professor, Dr. Z., reacted,( jumping up and down) and how all of my friends, at least when they woke up, and family were so joyful. I am so thankful to have so many people supporting and encouraging me!!

The only thing I would like to note, and it was simply noticed as a female, is the reaction I got from a few people who said something to the effect of “oooo, maybe you’ll find your husband”. Now, I understand the goofy or cutesy-ness there, but would you say that to a guy? Why do so many implicitly link traveling to a relationship, particularly in regards to females? Why can’t we encourage women the same way as men? I am so grateful for everyone whose reaction was something more along the lines of “there will be so many awesome mountains!” or “what an incredible adventure”!

Just a few points to ponder, as I am studying cultural and physiological effects on women in STEM 🙂


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