Simple, but not Easy

Over the past several weeks of sharing the exciting news with everyone, I think the number one response is “I wish I could do something like that!”. The good news is you absolutely can!! It’s totally possible, and I’m here to make sure that people know it. Even if your parents aren’t helping you with college, even if you have to pay rent, pay for everything on your own and must somehow manage to to find a way file your taxes while in the middle of the Indian ocean, it IS possible!!

Now, that being said, it’s not easy at all. With all the visa forms I had to fill out in the middle of studying for midterms so that I didn’t have to pay extra for rush delivery, I did make a mistake, which I had to fix and resend. With all the medical forms and doctors appointment to schedule, go to and get all the details taken care of ( again in the vicinity of mid-terms), I did miss one signature from the doctor, which I had to also fix. None of this was easy, in fact it was downright defeating. But the greatest lesson I am learning is to ask for help. I may not have a parent that I live with but I have several amazing roommates who can pray for me, I have friends and family that are supportive in their joy and prayers and most of all I can go to God and know that in the midst of everything he can bring peace.

So, no, this type of adventure  isn’t  easy, but it can be simple and can and will bring great joy in the end, because nothing worth having comes easy.

PS-Two tips, 1) ALWAYS quadruple check your visa forms, they’re slippery little buggers, and 2) be ready for some sore arms and dizzy days if you’re getting 7 vaccines in a day.


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