This is apparently not a three hour tour…





IMG_0477The first few days have been delightful! We are “quickly” approaching Hilo traveling at 15 nautical knots, and land is finally in sight on the screens that we use to monitor our progress, (where formerly the MV Explorer was ONLY surrounded by water). With such distance behind us has come great progress aboard the ship. For the most part we all have our sea legs, though from time to time, we still experience the drunken swaying as the ship rocks from side to side. With the storm two nights ago, we learned that the name “Pacific” is most certainly a misnomer, as many of us woke up to our belongings being tossed across the room.

Classes are fantastic, though with the waves they’re half lecture, half dance recital! And most of my classes are in rooms with massive windows, so if boredom ever sets in( though I doubt it will with such a fascinating group of professors from around the world) I can stare at the vast ocean, a sight which I am delighted to wake up to every single morning! Although the first few days were chilly, it’s apparent we are heading south as the sunshine and warm weather have made outside dining far more pleasant! Hilo here we come!

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