IMG_0543Aloha from Hawaiian waters! We are currently at a bunkering port, which means that we are getting refueled, mail deliveries and stocking up on supplies for our final long stretch of crossing the Pacific Ocean. But even a day “stuck” aboard a ship isn’t bad, with 80 degrees and  sunshine, we are “studying” by the pool : )

While we cannot get off the ship for the bunker port, in Honolulu, we got to explore Hilo, Hawaii yesterday! I had a field lab for my Geological Hazards and Disaster class, (yes, that’s one of my classes!), which took most of the day as we explored a Volcano. Mount Kilauea is the most active volcano on earth, and it showed! Our first stop was overlooking a lava lake, a giant caldera of boiling lava. Unfortunately we couldn’t get too close, but we could see the glow coming out of the lake, and the plumes of  created a cloud behind which the sun glowed a deep blue! We then got to hike through a lava tube, which was beautiful marvel, then into a lava lake. The trail is clearly marked as there are steam vents surrounding it, and let me tell you, they are HOT! With a teacher who was all too excited to use his first aid kit (those really are the best kind of teachers), we were encouraged to feel the steam. And our tour guide gave a quick cooking-with-lava lesson, the best choice for lave cooking is frozen burritos wrapped in foil, in case you were wondering.

The intended plan for the rest of the day was to make my way over to “Caveman” Ky’s house (there is a guy on the ship, a former National geographic explorer, whose house is built from a cave!), but due to a day of volcanic activityJ I have to save such an adventure for the next time I’m in Hawaii.

After our volcano exploration, we headed into Hilo and explored the farmers market (Rabutu, anyone?), ate some two-fingered poi, (it’s a food that tells you HOW to eat it in the name!), we found an amazing Hawaiian dinner, and finished our day with fresh macadamia nut ice-cream and time with the locals, who are thus far the friendliest people I’ve ever met. Their lifestyle is slower, and each person has time to spend with you, to get to know you and share stories. Great lessons could be learned from this lifestyle back on the mainland.   

PS- If anyone is looking for a language to learn and wants to start easy, Hawaiian has 5 vowels 8 consonants!

 PPS- Sorry for the lack of pciture, we can’t send or recieve attachments with the bandwidth aboard the ship!


One thought on “Hawaii

  1. Sooo glad you didn’t get caught in the volcanic activity!! I love that you ate some native foods of Hawaii!! You will be able to share LOTS of interesting dishes when you come home. I wonder if you could ‘order’ the fancy foods online (teehee) or maybe they can be found in good ole World Market foods!
    Jessi and jonathan are in the countdown stages FOR SURE!!! 4days to go! Jess and I spent the day together, picked up the wedding dress and visited/talked of you too. Jerry and Janice and Jessi….well, WE ALL read your email~! Thank you so. I am working on the info you need right away!
    love you so! Thinking of you and lifting, reading the next tab as you float to the next port!
    love you
    iiTim 2:1 “Thou therefore, be strong in the grace that is in Christ Jesus.”
    What is God showing you? Soooooo much,I imagine……love you soooooo!

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