River Day

Ohio has snow days, and Arizona has heat days but have you ever heard of a river day? It happened on the MV Explorer just yesterday! We were supposed to pull into the port of Shanghai early in the morning, but instead were anchored in the Yangtze River waiting for a pilot, (someone to guide us into harbor), and pulled into a very ominous looking Shanghai 12 hours later than planned ( another day to study the countries, try to do some homework and watch movies is never bad!) Although it did cut our Shanghai time in half, we still had an incredible day, exploring the French Concession, the Bund, and finding amazing street food! After exploring Shanghai and Suzhou, we flew into Guilin where we will be spending the next few days until our trek to Hong Kong! Best of luck to all my fellow voyagers as we make the trip across the largest overland port in SAS history!

PS- my apologies for the previous bad font, I was using a hostel computer. Here’s my pitch for hostels, stay in one when you get the chance, you can meet is many wonderful people!!


2 thoughts on “River Day

  1. Did I send that last reply? Well, if so, please excuse this one. I was just telling you how I get on the google maps to virtually spy out the areas that you are talking about as well as the next area you are headed toward. I am sort of virtually traveling with you! Ahhhhh, the thought of meeting you on an island somewhere……..ya never know~!
    I love you
    Sounds like you are so blessed!

    1. Let’s make it the islands off the coast of Vietnam, this country is incredible, and you travel so well on so little! tonight I SPLURGED and got a REAALY nice place, for $6 US dollars and did some fine dining for a whopping $2!!! It’s incredible and the food and people and everything is great here!

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