God is truly incredible and his timing is beautiful! As many of you know, I am able to travel via a scholarship this it received for my action plan on studying women in STEM fields. Thus far, the research hadn’t been going well, at all. The contact in Japan fell through and River Day was the day I was supposed to be doing my research in Shanghai. I had began to edit my project in mild frustration when I decided to pray about it!
      I had little plans for research in upcoming Ports as China and Japan were my major resources, and was pessimistic about Singapore as we were there on a weekend and university professors aren’t keen on working weekends. However, our field lab ended up taking us to National University of Singapore, and it just so happened to be the weekend they hosted the SE Asia robotics competition!! And what’s more, the Engineering Women Club on campus was hosting the event! So, I had a plethora of female engineers, clearly marked in blue volunteer shirts for me who were most delighted to participate in my study!
       This blessing continued in our future ports as well. In Burma, when I visited Yangon University, I happened to visit on a day that classes were closed, which initially brought disappointment. However, I explored campus a little more and happened upon a group of very well dressed students, I followed their direction and came upon several hundred similarly well dressed individuals. After some inquiry I discovered I found graduation, but not just any graduation, dental school graduation!! With many females graduates and the advantage of being a blonde foreigner, ( which means EVERYONE wants a picture and wants to spend time with you), I was able to get a plethora of data.
     As expected of Gods provision, it continued. In India, upon entering the university, the largest in Kerala, the first young woman I met was an engineer! From there, I was introduced to other female engineers, friends of the young woman, and was able to successfully gather data!
     There have been some challenges, for example some universities do anything but welcome foreigners, ( hint for Burma, if you’re ever sneaking around, use a Longji), but despite the challenges I have learned so much and made so many wonderful friends! And it is the times when things don’t work out that you learn so much about yourself, others and maybe even your project!


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