Rain, Rum, and Dodo Birds

      Mauritius welcomed us with the smell of the ocean (yea, even though I live on a ship, I never smell the ocean, it’s weird), and a beautiful rainbow reaching over the lush green landscape of this heavenly island. As Mark Twain said, “Heaven was modeled after Mauritius”, and we had no doubts that our day spent on this beautiful island would only confirm his statement. The forecast called for rain, but as well watched the glorious clear sunrise coming into port, we doubted any bad weather would dare hinder our precious eight hours on this island.
    Boy were we wrong. The minute we stepped off the ship, the rain began, and when it rains on tropical islands, it’s not joking around.

The day that began with plans of parasailing and snorkeling was not going as planned. We headed up to Grand Baie, where the boat was supposed to be waiting to take us parasailing, and it was there alright, being tossed around with the waves, wind and rain. There would be no parasailing today. So, we sought snorkeling, and found another dead end. The sediments stirred up and wind would make snorkeling fruitless and dangerous. We were informed that tomorrow would be clear skies, and lovely weather just as yesterday was, but unfortunately our ship would leave at 6pm tonight.

               What do you do on an island when you’ve been rained out? Laughter is the only option, and in an effort to be slightly dry, we headed to the nearest convenience store. There we ran into tons of SASers, (fellow ship mates), in the same boat as us, and after stocking up on the islands infamous Mauritian rum we decided to head to the beach! At least swimming would be getting wet by our own choice! So, we enjoyed an afternoon of swimming and then headed into town early and happened upon the Dodo bird museum!!!
         The museum was a delightful, place where they have the ONLY dodo bird Skeleton in the world. Did you know the dodo bird actually tasted horrible? Apparently, the Dutch didn’t eat them into extinction, they just bonked them in the head cause they were unpleasant creatures! More wandering brought us to a beautiful fruit and vegetable market, (fresh fruit and veggies are a hot commodity on a ship!), and a small markets in the heart of port Louis.

   The day ended delightfully with many smiles, laughter and new friends, and it’s always delightful to know that even rain can’t stop those determined to have a delightful time! No reason for a little rain to ruin a day, when it means there’s a rainbow formed!


One thought on “Rain, Rum, and Dodo Birds

  1. Thank you my dear~! The rain is a joy…no matter what 🙂 It makes the flowers grow!
    Our many days of Ohio rain showers will soon turn the ground all around into a colorful display of rich green grass speckled with bright yellow daffodils, purple hyacinth and red tulips pushing through to take their turn at shinning. I do need to keep a look out for an Ohio rainbow tooooo~!!
    Love you sooo

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