The early morning air was fresh and crisp as the blanket of clouds gently rolled off of Table Mountain. The mountain was massive from a distance and as we drew nearer, it grew even larger!!

The sun had just woken up when we started up the mountain, and for that I was so grateful. As large as this mountain is, there are tons of different paths to take to the summit, and on the one that we chose one immediately begins to feel like an out-of-breath smoker. The ascent is constant and with rocks that seem to have arranged themselves as tall stairs, the demand for a rest is also constant.

 However, despite the huffing and puffing this hike was the most beautiful hike I’ve ever done. Below us CapeTown  and Camp’s Bay grew further away, and the ocean stretched out behind us. Eagles danced in the sky above us, while zebras strolled about the mountainside and dassies scattered away from our noisy boots. As we entered in the heart of the mountain, fresh water fell from the rocks above. Springs trickled out of the rocks, and rainbows formed as the sun met the falling water around us. The fresh mountain water was the most refreshing and delicious water in the world (obviously the more you need water, the more you appreciate it, so that could be part of the deciding factor here, but still, the water is incredible!).

And as we reached the top, I couldn’t help but agree that this was the most scenic spot in all of Africa! The mountains stretched over the land and sandwiched the town between themselves and the ocean, with only boulders and sand between. Waves crashed along massive boulders, and clouds gently rolled over the peak of Lions head, beneath us. The quiet above the clouds is a silence that is unparalleled by anything below that altitude.

In that moment, standing above the clouds, there was a surge of freedom, adrenaline and excitement that rushed through my mind. And a verse written on a simple plaque at the top of this mountain seemed to summarize this moment where I could only stand in awe of the world around me, “the works of The Lord are great, studied by all who have pleasure in them”. Psalm 111:2


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