The ocean glowed as the bright orange Sun started to rise in the east, “What are you looking to?”,Ezra asked, as he led us through the Easter morning story. He showed us what the disciples and  Mary and the people of Israel were looking for on that beautiful Easter morning two thousand years ago, and challenged us to see what we are looking to, not just the sun as we face the Eastern sky this morning but in our lives as we look toward the second coming of the Son and the hope of each new day. 
 The grand illumination of the heavens was accompanied by the band, made up of students serving through music this morning. The music rose out over the ocean as voices joined together in worship, and each of us took part in communion. 
It was the most beautiful Easter service I have ever attended. 
This family that we have built on this ship is a closer community than I have every been a part of, we’ve traveled together, studied together, laughed and been ridiculous together, danced together, cried to together, prayed together and worshiped together. I think I understand the body of Christ that God designed more than ever before! There is a love, and a bond shared despite differences in beliefs, cultures and backgrounds.
Ubuntu has come to life on this ship. This African way of life, a word that means “I am because  you are”, it’s based in the creation story and demands that people live in light of the lives of others, conscious of compassion one to another and arising to meet the needs of each person. Of the many lessons I have taken home on this voyage, I know this demonstration of community, this development of closeness will be one of the most important, and this Family will be one that I will always be a part of.

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