The Ordinary becomes Extraordinary

Many, many weeks ago, I lived upon a ship that sailed the seven seas, made port in foreign lands and sailed into sunsets and sunrises that could melt anyone’s heart. Those days have passed, and I thought today about a conversation with one of my friends aboard the ship, Chips, about when the extraordinary became ordinary.

It may have taken different amounts of time for each of us to reach it, but eventually we all came to this realization that in a surreality where the world is your classroom, questions, conversations and actions that would normally be extraordinary had become ordinary. (“What are you doing in India?” “Heading to the Taj Mahal, Agra and hopefully riding some elephants”, *said nonchalantly*)

Dinner overlooking the ocean, and watching the sunset became an everyday occurrence, waking up to a whole new continent isn’t abnormal and planning for a new country every week is part of the routine. How incredible it is that every day activities were the things of dreams!

And yet, with each moment of this journey of life moving so swiftly, I’ve learned that every single day of our lives is extraordinary! We wake up on a small planet, with beautiful water and land around us, each day we get to wake up to the beautiful sunrise that warms the earth, and enjoy the company of family and friends. So, the real wonders of the world are everyday moments. But it’s a daily decision to see things this way.

And today, I sit on the fourth floor of my favorite library on my school campus, with my textbooks sprawled before me, the ordinary that is my life now becomes extraordinary. Studying organic chemistry opens my mind to a whole new world! as electron clouds, and resonance echo through my mind with clarity, I see each day as a beautiful stepping stone to the next.

My life has gone from the extraordinary becoming ordinary to the ordinary becoming extraordinary in my mind, and one day will return to the former, but for now, the same smile upon my face as I watched the sunrise over Japan will bring joy to understanding radical halogenation 🙂


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