Study Break


During a study break, I went to buy a cup of tea, and after it cooled I took a sip and was whirled straight back to Kyoto. On a particularly chilly, rainy morning, we discovered a tiny cafe, more of a house, really, that we happened upon in the backstreets of that stunning old city, with a beautiful garden and koi pond. Before going in, we removed our shoes and sat upon the floor at a small table as they served the best Macha in the world, with tiny, green tea cakes. We sat in peace and serene joy as the raindrops pattered against the room above us.

The flavor of Macha was the one that drew me straight back to that chilly but perfect morning in Japan, and amidst the struggles of studying, I found a peace that came from thousands of miles away. Peace within this cup of steam that holds more memories than molecules of water 🙂


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