Another One-Way Ticket, Another Song :)

About the same time last year, I bought a one way ticket out West, and I’ve done the same thing this year. Last year, I planned to climb aboard a ship that took me around the world, and this year, I’m doing the same.

Just kidding, mostly.

I do have a one-way ticket out West, but it’s to Arizona to spend Christmas with my dad and visit my childhood home of Flagstaff, Arizona. (*insert overwhelming squeal of excitement here!*) How will I get home this time? Driving. I’ll be getting a car and my best friend and I will be trekking the few thousand miles between AZ and Ohio and wherever we find interesting along the way(Mexico? New Orleans? Who knows!). Who’s up for an epic winter road trip? And with these gas prices? Yes please! With SASers to see along the way and several weeks before classes start, it’s anyone’s guess where we’ll end up.

It’s been a long adventurous semester and I don’t think anyone puts it better than Orla Gartland in her song “Roots”; (credit for finding this incredible song goes to Shelby Stillwell)

Sights set to the sky/sick of standing by/ getting itchy feet
New some new places/meet some fresh faces/No one left to please

Let’s get a ticket for those tracks/Don’t say a word and don’t turn back
Let’s get out of here/let’s get out of here
We can lost between the rails/ we’ve never been afraid to fail

After being in, mostly, one place for a whole semester, it’s time to move again and seek adventure! Tomorrow at 9:30, as I walk victoriously out of my Organic Chemistry final, I’ll exhale the stale air of this fall semester and inhale the crisp winter air of adventure.


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