Checkpoints & Post-Grad Plans

I am excited and nervously started my last semester of undergrad. Two full weeks in and I feel like I finally have the hang out this whole undergrad-college thing, and it’s almost over. You know when you finally get used to writing the correct year on the date and by the time it’s a habit, it’s a new year and you have to start all over again? Well, that’s the sensation I have, but we’re going to enjoy this “understanding college” thing as long as it lasts.

I am also in the world of post-graduation plans, which mostly consists of trying to figure out how to make your LinkedIn look fantastic, or just good, I’ll even settle for decent at this point. It also comes with an array of interviews (like ones at Princeton that you’re convinced you botched but won’t know for another few months…), and essays to convince future opportunities that you are a killer candidate because you found a creative solution to a problem “that one time”.  And in the midst of all of this, I am being thrown back to high school with my portfolio and essay that describes my career plans from the view of 18 year-old me and it’s delightfully hilarious. And it is about this that I would like to briefly write: checkpoints. ( BTW, I am also listening to middle school/high-school  songs and it’s awesome, Kelly Clarkson anyone? Maybe some Avril?)

Seeing the essay that I wrote in high school reminds me how important goals are and checkpoints to see where you are with those goals and the direction you are going. Reading the paper, I can hear myself rolling my eyes while writing that essay my senior year, but now I see the wisdom my teacher had. She didn’t ask us to write an assignment, she had us write a letter to ourselves. And it’s a perfect checkpoint for right now.   Am I  closer to the person I wanted to be? Or am I someone happier? Have I changed directions altogether? Have I done so many of the incredible things that I told myself I would? And if not, why? If so, how does this continue? Look at the old checkpoints, make new ones and get excited for what is next, even if what is next might be more uncertain that ever before. : )







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