No Use Crying Over Shattered Glass

I know the phrase is spilt milk, or is it is spilled milk, maybe I don’t know the phrase, but the point behind it stands regardless. There’s nothing we can do about the milk being on the floor, so we might as well not waste time crying over it and just clean it up. Today the spilled milk was shattered glass. And that glass was the passenger side window of my car  that was strewn throughout the entire car. A few things were stolen, nothing irreplaceable and the things of the most personal value were precious books. But the violation of privacy and the shards of glass that lay across the floor, seat and dashboard (seriously, how did that spray pattern even work with so called “safety glass”?) were a small dent to my confidence in my fellow humans.

But shattered glass is all it was and when I found it at my lunch break, I knew that the damage had already been done and there strongest emotion I felt was inspiration. I know the area that I am investing a large amount of time is one of high crime rate, economic challenges and severe financial depression, so this shattered window was assurance that the personal investment I am making in this area is, in fact, necessary.

Maybe they were simply bored and had nothing better to do than shatter a few windows and steal other peoples possessions, but from my understanding of the world, most people don’t end up with such a hobby merely out of free time. Too often it is a need for drive, education, and passion that leads to these things, and when the basic needs of comfortable housing, education and healthy food aren’t met, how can we expect anything above this base level of Maslov’s heirarchy to be met?

I blame no single person for this event but rather years of divestment and neglect for a community that trickles over into so much more. I know that where I work in the food security of this area I am investing in the potential of so many incredible lives, lives that don’t need to shatter glass to find something of value. So, there’s no use crying over shattered glass, only inspiration to be found.



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