The Wonder of Watercolor

As I sit at my wall immersed in my mycology mural, I’m overwhelmed by how impossible watercolor is to control and I can’t help but allow my challenges to be a metaphor for life. I was rejected from one of the post-graduation programs I applied for and it makes sense as I applied feeling well under-qualified. But it left me realizing sometimes life isn’t in your control, and that can be beautiful.

Watercolor is barely in the control of the artist. Can you calculate the precise amount of water your brush will gather or the precise way in which the pigments mix with water? Can you predict the way in which gravity will draw the water droplets from your paint strokes? Or can you perfectly pinpoint the capillary action of the water colors through your canvas fibers?

Life isn’t always up to us and sometimes that is more than okay. Sometimes the way the colors disperse and the water flows make the painting more beautiful than you imagined. A program at Princeton University that I applied to invited me for interviews in January, and while it’s only a hunch, I think these colors will spill into my own, magnificently vibrant mural.