Concept Creation


Today I learned something fascinating: lawns were created. You might be laughing and thinking “but of course they were”, but I implore you to think about it. There was a time when lawns did not exist, when gardens and sources of food sat in the place of the patches of green that waste water and precious resources. And from swatches of green in renaissance era paintings came this concept of a lawn. It is a patch of grass that demonstrates your wealth of resources that you can sustain a green patch of entirely worthless grasses. How fascinating! That one day someone decided something will be this way and so it is! From the mere strokes of a brush have come this commonplace idea.

Soul mates are another example. Plato came up with this concept that rules many peoples emotional livelihoods: the concept that you will one day find your “other half”. It has driven the dating websites and the “relationships” industry that I hadn’t even realized was an industry! From the mind of a man this fairytale concept was conceived and now rules the minds and hearts of so many.

So, consider this the next time you have an idea: concepts that are borne of simple thoughts might one day dictate the world in unimaginable ways, for better or worse. There are so many concepts yet to be created, ideas that we don’t even know are ideas yet and these concepts that you create can be incredibly powerful. Simple food for thought 🙂




Springing Forward

This semester has began again and is moving faster than the last, but simultaneously slower. I wake early, eager for my 8am. It’s ground school and as the next step to becoming a pilot, how could I not be excited! The rest of my day is filled with oceans, and microscopes, organisms and new friends. Even the bitter cold weather can’t chill the warmth of this semester, the joy of things yet to come, the delight of things that are.
And I feel a beautiful nostalgia, as I Skype with one of my best friends, Canada, and we laugh over nights spent wandering around Tokyo, and talk over NGOs in Africa, about boys and the dreams of our future, I realize how content I truly am. It was a year ago that I was on my way to Hawaii, the sunshine growing warmer as the MV Explorer glided into the South Pacific, but I don’t long for that again. Sunshine? Yes. The friends and adventures? Certainly. I will never cease to seek those things, but I am not nostalgic for a repeat of the past, I am not eager to climb back aboard a ship where I was so naive. I’m ready to go as the girl who stepped off the ship in London, who grew from every interaction, who will never stop dreaming of going, but for now must be in one place. I am the girl who will rendezvous with adventurous wild ones at a United Nations Conferences in New York, at a Worldwide Conference in Miami, where we take our next steps to even grander adventures. The girl ready and eager to fly a plane, study cancer and travel to the ends of the earth.
I don’t want what I can’t have because what I have now is so incredible, the momentum I found once again propels me to greater things. And as I fill out a plethora of research abroad applications for the summer, and get sidetracked by the cost of hostels in Pakora ($3/night!!), I’m so content, theres nothing left to do but smile. 🙂